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I know, I’m not the only one . . .

Working Hard, Grinding, Early Mornings, Late Nights; all to enhance my financial income to provide for/and support my loved ones. I remember a couple years go, I got really sick, and the first thing my doctor asked me about was my sleeping habits. At the time I was a full time DJ with a full time 9 to 5, which meant early mornings and late nights . . . 6 days out of the week. (plus gym, dancing, going out, etc etc.

My doctor shared an illustration of a cell phone battery.

think about when your battery is running low, and you charge it, but you don’t let it fully charge . . . your phone will work, but because it wasn’t fully charged, it’s only operating at a partial percentage of its potential, and it actually burns out faster this way. 

Our minds and body, is the same way, if you get partial sleep at night, the following day, as much as you grind – as hard as you work, literally and physically you are only working at half of your potential, simply because you only allowed your body to partially re-charge.

Too many of us, over work ourselves for “success” and then get “sick” in the process. We compromise our mental health, our spiritual well being, and our physical wellness. Now I’m all about the grind, the hard work, the focus and having an insane work ethic, however if it compromises your health and overall well being, I do believe we have to re-think and redefine our idea of “THE GRIND”

Just a couple weeks ago, I was FOCUSED! Sooooooo into my work. When I got home, I placed my Nike Lunchbox on the kitchen counter, and my wife went and picked it up; Surprised when she discovered it was much heavier than normal. She opened it up, and said “You Didn’t Eat Your Lunch?!?!”

Feeling sorry, with a sad childish voice I responded “Sorry Babe, I know you worked hard to prepare it for me, I just forgot”, and with an epic response she said “I’m not mad at that, I’m worried about your health, you need to eat”

My friends, I love the grind, I totally get it . . . but don’t get it twisted . . . We work so we can put food on the table and eat (survival), don’t work so you can keep working harder on an empty stomach and red blood shot eyes due to lack of sleep. You are no good to anyone (at work, at home or in any relationship) if only half of you shows up.

Work hard to live a good life, to be healthy, and help others along the way achieve the same.

They say Eat, Sleep & Breath Success,

well I say your Success is defined by the improvement of how much better you Eat, Sleep and Breath!


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