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Returning To The Motherland // Bacolod, Philippines

I love traveling, but something deep in my heart knew that no matter where I went I wouldn’t receive what my soul was longing for… The Connection to my roots and my bio-logical family. 27 Years Ago, my sisters & I, were adopted and brought to the United States, where we were raised in Long Island New York. October of 2015, I decided to follow my heart, face my greatest fear with an even greater faith, step out into the unknown, and dive into a mission that would change my life forever. I decided to pause all other traveling opportunities, and take a 15 hour flight to Bacolod Philippines, where I finally met my biological mother, my other sister and brother and the rest of my family. Watch my first ShadeLife Travel video, A journey as I return to the Motherland, Bacolod Philippines.

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