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Dance With The Divine

Dance W The Divine
September 26, 2017

Dance With The Divine


Dance With The Divine /•/ by Brendan Eldom /•/ @ HeartWay Church​  (09/24/2017)

What does it look like to be in an intimate relationship w the divine. As theologian Richard Rohr puts it “God is not just a dancer, God is the Dance itself”. In this recent sermon at HeartWay Church we use the art form of dance to illustrate some life lessons and biblical teachings. We respond to some very real questions like – What does it mean to experience unity within diversity? How do we find ourselves in a culture that teaches us other wise? How do we over come difficulty? How do we move in life connected to God in such a way it looks as if we were dancing?
Featuring The HOUSE of DRUMS & Some of South Floridas most talented dancers, Enjoy A Dance With The Divine @ HeartWay Church :)

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