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To Escape is To Embrace

15167715_1272156196189046_4458960255474115081_o“To truly escape our darkest hours, is to honestly embrace our darkest hours” // positive thinking is mis-interpreted too often. Most of us use positive thinking as a way to omit and forget our issues. Positive thinking can convince people they are escaping their problem when in reality their escape has become their reality; Excessive celebrating sometimes unhealthy addictions, or a created romanticism of life that actually doesn’t exist. Positive thinking should always be a part of the process, because it gives people hope and lifts their spirits, but should never be the full solution. Psychology tells us that the most important step of dealing with a loss is the grieving process… We apply grieving to death most of the time but the same concept applies to many areas of life because with so many changes and transitions we go through, we can experience a loss in a relationship, a loss in our careers as we change jobs, maybe a big move, essentially all transitions positive or negative should be mentally treated as a loss, in other words – meaning to embrace the feelings we have and go through a grieving process of the death of an old life and staying positive through the process as we are born into a new life. So in closing, don’t escape the issues of life, embrace them. Don’t go around them, go through them. Struggle is what shapes us. To truly escape our darkest hour, is to honestly embrace our darkest hour. #SHADELIFE #byBrendanEldom

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